Hi, I'm Abdullah Birdsong.

Together with my team, I'm passionate about helping you win at work, succeed at life, and lead with confidence. Our goal is to help you believe, become, and be well. Life is a journey and we want to partner with you to achieve your goals and dreams.

I'm pastor of Dunamis Church, an information technology specialist, and musician. I’m also a future New York Times bestselling author. But my favorite wins are at home—a 15-year marriage, a super awesome son, the best health of my life, to name a few.

I look forward to connecting with you real soon. God bless you.

The Goodbye Average Course

One of my gifts is inspiring and informing people by sharing what I know. This is content developed from experience not theory. This is about instigating change through real life practical teaching. This course will help you dive deep into your gifts, abilities, and passion-reawakening your creativity and sparking your growth. Average is not your destiny. It's time to walk into your extraordinary life.